2014 Chevrolet Volt Owners Manual Trasnmission

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2014 Chevrolet Volt Owners Manual Pdf

2014 Chevrolet Volt

2014 Chevrolet Volt Owners Manual Trasnmission – The Volt can be operated about 38 miles on battery power alone, and after a point of 1.4-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine kicks in the electricity that the car will generate a whole set by an extra 300 miles or so stretching.

The front whëël drive 2014 is led by the Chevrolet Volt primarily by electric mötörs that makë 149 hp (111 kw) and a foot 273 lbs of torquë. This ëlëctric mötör is powërëd by 16 kilowatt-hours (kw) Lithium-ion battëry pack until the battery charge is 70 percent exhausted, and at this point the volt at 1.4-liter four-cylinder, gasoline fuel engine springs to life to the electric motor.

If you charge a complete battery pack, you will need to plug the car in 120 or 240 volt socket, although regenerative brakes and engine generator can help get it to a certain extent. With a power source of 240 volts, it takes about 3 hours to charge the depleted battery.

Inside, four Chevy Volt people have a modern feeling, thanks to a large part of the touch-sensitive controls inspired by the latest in personal electronics. This creates an innovative atmosphere in contrast, in practice these small and similar buttons looking can be hard to see at a glance.

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