2015 KIA Rio Owners Manual Transmission

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2015 KIA Rio Owners Manual Pdf

2015 KIA Rio

2015 KIA Rio Owners Manual Transmission – All 2015 KIA Rio comes with a gōōd 1.6-liter fōur-cylinder engine for 138 horsepower and 123 pōunds ōf tōrque. The manual transmissiōn of six speeds is the LX standard. The six-speed Automator is optional with trim and the remaining criteria.

The Echo pack adds an auto shutdown system that closes the engine when the car comes to stop and reboot the driver when it lifts off the brakes. But it will improve the fuel economy by only 1 mpg in the city–in addition to the rapid Environmental Protection Agency figures are still the same.

The 2015 KIA Rio Cabins still have a look of self-tuning. The quality of articles is nothing special on the LX base, but it has added soft-touch surface, cushion pad and high-end metal tone found in the top trim, and the Rio cabins make one of the finest in the small part.

The Rio was also registered in the area of space and convenience. The longer drivers should be comfortable behind the oblique and telescopic wheels (previous models and SX) while the rear seats provide a measure of space competitiveness. It’s the same story as far back as the two sedan has a generous 13.7 cubic foot trunk.

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