2016 RAM Chassis Cab Owners Manual Pdf

Friday, November 15th 2019. | RAM

2016 RAM Chassis CabIt is obvious (or should be) that this is not the kind of truck you call a lifestyle car – that is, not the truck you would expect from someone as an alternative to the car. Maybe 20 rolls of barbed wire, and a few dozen bags of cement one of each welding it sells.

To put the Ram 3500 in the right light, here are some remarkable figures: 385 hp, 900 lb-ft of torque, up to 7,390 lbs of payload, 31,210 pounds maximum drag. The V-8s turbo in the Ford giants and General Motors bring more horsepower than the 6.7-liter six-cylinder Ram, but Cummins engineers are getting more torque, with a 35lb-ft increase on the 2015 version.

This increase is just enough to give this Ram a 40lb-ft more than ford’s 5-8 power stroke, although have add that there are two stricter versions of the 6.7-liter six-liter latency: 350hp/660 lb-ft and 370 hp/800 lb-ft.

Diesel, of course, is also about efficiency and the Vagana ram by recording 16 mpg during the test, though almost always unloaded. No wonder the race from zero to 60mph consumes 8.6 seconds – approximately what you’d expect from a car weighing more than four tons.

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