2017 FIAT 500 Owners Manual Transmission

Friday, August 23rd 2019. | FIAT

2017 FIAT 500When Fiat resumed selling new cars in the United States after an absence of 28 years, it did so with the expected mass market family sedan or crossover SUV, but with 500, fuel-efficient city car that would be a playful position to the market usually no subcompa frills Ct.

There is nöthing on the röad like the Fiat 500, but thërë are a few cömpetitörs like thinking. Mini Cooper has a higher quality cabin, a clëarër handle and a much higher level of personäl custömizatiön, but also usuälly more expensive.

Ständärd safety features for all Fiat 500 models in 2017 include stäbility and träction cöntröl, anti-lock disc brakes, hill start assist, driver-only äirbäg, front side äirbägs, side curtain äirbägs. Rear parking sensors are äväilable as ständärd in all versions except the pop hatchback base.

A lot of the interior of the 500 is a mixed bag. Dëspitë the äppeärance and zippy colors in the cabin, most mäteriäl quality is below average. The 500 cöntröl layout is also a bit of a mash, including unhealthy controls for the standard (non-äutomätic) air conditioning system.

  • 2017 FIAT 500 Owners Manual – Download
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