Canon EOS 50D Instruction Manual

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Canon EOS 50D Instruction Manual

Canon EOS 50D

Canon EOS 50D Instruction Manual Pdf – Exactly a year after the release of the Canon EOS 40D which has now been discontinued to be exact as of August 2008, Canon announced the camera is the Canon EOS 50D successor. EOS 50D camera is not a replacement for EOS 40D, EOS 50D because it is the body of the camera EOS 40D 15 megapixel sensor that wraps the newly developed and finally straighten out the Canon XXD range conditions were very left in the entry-level line, especially in terms of quantity of pixels that are different themes.

By developing a 50D, Canon claims that the new sensor design, including new manufacturing processes, redesigned photo diodes and micro lenses recently indicated that although the image resolution is high but the level of noise has also been able to reduce significantly.

In addition to major changes at the top, there are also other changes which in this case are the new changes into the EOS 50D, among others, the LCD screen with a high resolution. With 920,000 dot gives the sense that the EOS 50D is able to provide 640 x 480 RGB pixels, making the standard VGA effects monitor. There are three layers of anti-reflection designed to screen in order to produce good pictures in different lighting conditions. Various interesting features are also added into this camera, a very important thing can be seen from the image processor Canon DIGIC 4.

By design which looks very clearly as changes at the same time the criterion on the EOS 50D and EOS 40D is EOS 50D logo in the upper left portion of the lens, and even if seen in detail on the front of the camera body in addition to the writings of the EOS 50D barely distinguishable. As the other differentiator is at the top of the camera button on the 50D now tinted silver gray color and not like on a 40D, in addition, there is also a new feature as a differentiator is Creative Auto mode (CA).

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