Canon EOS 800D User Manual Guide

Monday, October 23rd 2017. | Camera, Canon

Canon EOS 800D User Manual Guide

Canon EOS 800D

Canon EOS 800D User Manual Download – The 800D is built around 24.2 megapixel aps-c CMOS sensor-as it is used in the extended 80 D (£840 body only). While 750 d/768 Sports also have 24.2 megapixel sensors, no double pixel AF technology canon, the next effective resolution still matches the 800×600 sensor, it’s a very big step forward.

Similarly, the 800 D also uses the newest Canon generation digital Photo Processor 7, unlike the 6-chip digestion found at 750 d/768 Dr. The canon claims to be digestible 7 capable of processing data 14 times faster than its predecessor, which does not only allow 800 D to provide the highest maximum burst speed of 6 FPS (compared to 5 per second on 750 d/768), but also a larger number of successive shooting images when the hoofs explode.

Additionally, the new sensor and processor coupling also allows 800×600 to provide the highest national sensitivity setting of the maximum ISO 25,600, along with the equivalent of ISO 51,200 in advanced mode. comparison, the 750 d/768 on both offer the maximum sensitivity of the ISO 12,800, with the equivalent of ISO 25,600, which is available in advanced mode.

Perhaps the most important improvement in 800 D enjoys more of his predecessors is adding a double pixel AF technology from canon. With the EOS 70mm in 2013, double pixel AF is the name given to the Canon property on the sensor stage detection technology.

  • Canon EOS 800D User Manual – Download
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