Motorola SB6141 Manual

Sunday, December 13th 2015. | Motorola

Motorola SB6141 User Guide

Motorola SB6141

Motorola SB6141 Manual – If you’re paying for cable Internet, you’re probably paying a separate monthly fee for the privilege of renting a cable modem from your ISP.

Your ISP gets free money and you get a cable modem that might not even be good enough to hit the speed you’re paying for. If you buy your own cable modem, you can get something better and recoup the cost in as little as a year—and then start saving anywhere from $6-10 each month.

The SB6141 can help you avoid network congestion that an older modem could get stuck in. You’ll be closer to the top speeds you’re paying for. And if you ever upgrade to a faster plan, the SB6141 can handle it—with very few exceptions. It’s the most popular and well-reviewed cable modem in its class.

The $130 ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6183 is the step up from the SB6141. It supports double the download speeds of the SB6141, but few Internet plans offer that much speed. You’ll need it only if you subscribe to a plan like Time Warner’s 300Mbps Ultimate tier, found in locations like Los Angeles, New York City, and Austin. It might give you slightly faster speeds on a 100Mbps+ plan from another provider, but only if your provider’s network can use its greater bandwidth.

And very few people have Internet speeds that fast anyway. The SB6141 is fast enough for almost everyone else, and it’s quite a bit cheaper. By the time most people’s cable services gets anywhere near the limits of the SB6141, next-generation cable modems will be out. It doesn’t make sense to get the SB6183 now unless you know you need it.

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