Sony DCR-HC21 User Manual Pdf

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Sony DCR-HC21 User Manual Pdf

Sony DCR-HC21

Sony DCR-HC21 User Manual Pdf – Overall, the size of the CCD is great, the pixel count is effective high, and even the highest sum pixel count, the CCD multiplayer is a good indicator of performance, but not always. Often, the video camera manufacturers make a mark on the size of the CCD-noise and number of CCD-or all the digital zoom stuff-good video performance.

In the case of DCR Hc21, the normal 4:3 mode of the standard video camera is to export the footage from this tape and approximate the “real” resolution of the camera using pictorial software, all of which is still analyzed. In 4:3 mode, Sony HC21 brings the actual resolution of 77837.4, giving about 249.0 vertical resolution line at best, with a 312.6 line of horizontal precision. The widescreen mode of the video camera simply reduces the horizontal line of the resolution, and the image message, not tested, assumes that the performance is inferior to the standard mode.

To test the DCR Hc21 wide angle,  using a laser pointer to measure the horizontal ray field available in a wider zoom than a camcorder. Using this method,  that DCR Hc21 had a large zoom angle measure of 42.5 degrees. Then this number was multiplied by 0.2 to get the wide angle points of 8.5.

The DCR HC21 adjusts the quality of colors and video in the ideal and bright lighting conditions of 3000 lux in the controlled test environment. The results were similar to last year’s hc20, which makes it logical as the camera specs two video exchange sensors.

Sony DCR-HC21 Support – Download

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