2011 Volvo C30 Owners Manual Transmission

Wednesday, December 5th 2018. | Volvo

2011 Volvo C302011 Volvo C30 Owners Manual Transmission – From the front, it’s easy to pair the 2011 Volvo C30 as a cut, hatch the chback version of the S40 sedan and V50 car. In fact, they are related, but these are just nodes held from the front.

The C30 has a unique arc metal all over the place and it is behind it no longer like other traditional appearance models. In the background, this really animates, the Volvo athlete looks at the Volvos “Fire brake ” From the early 1970s to inspire yourself with a smaller, rounded, blackened hatch.

Indoors, C30 has a design that is unlike S40 and unlike most hot gates. It’s sophisticated and comfortable-a little needed, due to the low thickness-and its now well-known “floating ” Volvo Center stack, a thin panel with radio and climate controls, with only storage space after.

The force comes in remarkably linear fashion from a proven 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine, here the turbo charging and the healthy production of 227 horsepower. The peak torque is achieved from 236 tons of torque at 1,800 u/min only, so it works very well with automatic; The six standard manual tracks is also enjoyable, but a little even chicchy.

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