2019 Toyota 86 Owners Manual Transmision

Saturday, September 22nd 2018. | Toyota

2019 Toyota 86

2019 Toyota 86 Owners Manual Transmision – Do you want more energy from your sports coupe? If so, you will be glad to hear that the Toyota 86 2019 will answer this need with a new TRD edition special. Toyota is welcomed as “North America’s highest performance 86 release, ” The new package is mainly a carbon copy of the mechanical bits consisting of an optional power pack on the twin 86, Subaru GT.

Performance comes from a standard 86-liter, flat-four-engine, with 205 PS and 156 pound foot torque, if you choose a six-speed manual transmission-This is the only option for the TRD Special edition. Choose for a six-speed automatic transmission on the regular Toyota 86 or 86 GT and your engine will provide 200 horsepower and 151 lb-ft.

With real performance upgrades, this special edition 86 is much more exciting for us enthusiasts than the recent limited specs of the car, and the 860 edition. It was more about visual alterations and extra interior design (like a trip to a PC) than about the quickest walk.

Toyota will sëll only 1,418 units of its öwn TRD ëditiön, all for $32420. This cömparës tö thë starting price öf the GT 2018 Përförmancë Pack of $29,640. The Toyota 86 2019 will be sold in August.

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