Samsung WB350 User Manual Guide

Wednesday, March 2nd 2016. | Camera, Samsung

Samsung Camera (WB350) User Manual Guide

Samsung WB350

Download Samsung WB350 User Manual Guide – Initially look, the sixteen megapixel WB350F appears to be like (and handles) like a normal point-and-shoot electronic digicam, but concealed under that delicate mannered exterior is really a a great deal more capable imaging gadget.

The WB350F’s complete involves dust and humidity seals, likewise for a appealing leatherette look. Also (and unlike its more simple siblings) the WB350F permits plenty of specific input in the picture making method by using an enhanced attribute established, lots of inventive versatility, along with the possibility to manually control exposure. The Samsung WB350F is out there in White, Black, Brown, Purple or Blue and priced at $300.00, but widely available for $249.00.

The WB350F’s person interface is rational and uncomplicated and, whilst this camera can be a touchscreen product, it features a full enhance of focused buttons, knobs, and switches-so consumers are hardly ever forced to rely strictly about the touchscreen to control camera functions. All controls are obviously marked, sensibly placed and simply accessed by right-handed shooters.

Push the WB350F’s flash release button plus the pop-up flash deploys that has a funky little thump. The flash unit is at the best of a folding metal arm that raises the flash almost an inch above the camera’s leading deck-in addition the unit is positioned to the left of the center axis of the zoom-so red-eye problems should be substantially ameliorated.

When the WB350F is powered up, the 21x zoom telescopes from the digicam body and when the digicam is powered down, the lens retracts back into your camera body and a built in iris-style lens cover closes to protect the front element. Zooming is smooth, fairly quick, and relatively quiet – especially for such a long lens. The WB350F’s long zoom and compact profile makes this digicam an almost ideal choice for an incredibly broad variety of photographic applications, but its strongest appeal will probably be to weight and space conscious travelers.

There isn’t significantly point to providing a longer than average zoom on a compact digicam if the zoom isn’t up to the job. Not so long ago, 10x was considered a long zoom so adding a 4.1mm to 86.1mm (23mm – 483mm equivalent) zoom takes the WB350F to a whole new level. That 21x optic allows WB350F people to stand in one spot and cover everything from grand vista wide-angle landscapes to super telephoto shots of not too distant wildlife.

Download Samsung WB350 User Manual Guide

Upgrade guide (Firmware) ver.1.0 – All OS (MULTI LANGUAGE, 0.49 MB) 

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